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Wholehearted Living strives to empower people to take their health to the next level, through consciousness around their food and lifestyle choices, growing and honoring themselves and the planet. We create and operate with pure intention, loving hearts and clarity of service.

My passion is predominantly to share with people  how wonderful you can feel when eating a plant based diet – high in raw, wild and organic foods and how simple it can be. 

Pairing this with a positive outlook, self love practices, mindful breathwork, meditation and Awareness – miracles in shifting to a healthy body and mind are easily achieved.

I love to feed people – healthy foods, thoughts and intentions.

Over the past 13 years I have worked for and in close collaboration with the wonderful raw food creators of Earthshine ; catered for the David Wolfe tour and many other functions, seminars, workshops and events ; supplied restaurants and individuals with tarts and ready made meals; trained up  Restaurant’s kitchen staff ; given Many classes and workshops and assisted people to transition into a plant based diet with fun, creativity and ease.

I have immersed myself into foraging and fermenting , have done the Raw food nutrition certification course with David Wolfe, completed Energy healing with Frans Kromhout , a Facilitation course with Oakley house,  Journeys of Awakening with John Homewood and Michelle Mclunnan and a Breathwork Instructors course with The Yoga Lap Institute.

I am delighted and honoured to share this journey with you, as we continually learn from one another.


After eating your activated Muesli, I am forever ruined!! I do not want to eat any other. 

This one is my favourite. Your Muesli keeps me sustained and my vitality keeps moving all through the morning effortlessly. 

 It is deliciously nutty and just enough sweet raisin goodness. It is perfect for my delicate gut and sensitive constitution.

 I recommend it to all my patients and they are loving it!! 

Thank you for sharing this divine gift from the earth 

Forever grateful


 Dr Zaida Rivene – SWELLENDAM